Contact, Getting Here

Virtuous Cycles, 765-807-6557,
Our shop is located at 215 N. 10th St. (between Main and Ferry) in Downtown Lafayette, For those planning to visit our shop from Purdue Campus see the Google maps below for the recommended routes (Google Maps directions for bicycles does a good job of coming up with these directions unless you give a starting location anywhere in the delta formed by Northwestern and State St, at which point it will recommend taking the Harrison Bridge, which has the look and feel of an interstate interchange). The charm of the Wabash Heritage Trail and the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge are well worth the extra fractions of a mile.

Arriving by bus

Watch the following for video instructions on using the bus mounted bike racks.

For route maps and and times please see the Citybus website. If you are traveling from West Lafayette to visit us without taking your bike along, the Trolley line is the best route as it will pass directly in front of our shop. If you will be bringing your bicycle to our shop via bus, plan on taking routes 4B or 1B to 2nd and Main then either walking (we’re assuming your bike is unrideable if you’re bussing it over ;p) or waiting for route 1A to bring you past our storefront. Please note that the Trolley line buses that are mocked up to look like trolleys do not have bike racks.

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