Testimonials, Shop Local

Why should I buy a bike at Virtuous Cycles for $300+ instead of a bike from a department store big box *-Mart for $150?

Bike shops vastly excel in terms of quality, assembly, advice, and service. Shop your local bike shop.

Department stores profit by providing a one-size-fits-all bike constructed as cheaply as possible. These bikes are assembled quickly and carelessly. Nowadays, the person paying $100 at a department store should expect to pay more than $200 in repairs and parts easily within a few weeks or years. This person will also ride the bike less and have a higher risk for serious injury while doing so. Shopping at your local bike shop allows you to find a durable and reliable bike that fits you and your needs. Virtuous Cycles offers both new and used bikes to fit all budgets!

Virtuous Cycles staff is knowledgeable and will assist you in determining what kind of bike you need. We will also fit the bike to you. We may have to swap out parts or change your seat many times but we are patient and caring. If you do not have enough money now, waiting a few months to save enough will result in owning a bike that is a joy to ride, safe to ride, and will last a long time. We offer you free installation of accessories, a year of free adjustments and a complimentary tune up in the first year. We offer service, maintenance, repair and free air to keep your bike running smoothly. We want your experience with your bicycle to be a happy one! We even have a free workshop where you can learn to wrench on your own bicycle!!

Invest more for your safety and enjoyment! Start a virtuous cycle!

Paying more for a bike you love can transform your life! A Virtuous Cycles bike will properly fit and be easier to ride. Don’t be fooled by mimicked “features” like dual suspension for a low price: department store bikes are heavier and highly inferior to bike shop bikes. Department store bikes are heavy, often poorly adjusted, and come with cheap parts that break frequently. Riding a bike with well made parts is important. Unnecessary failures don’t simply cost you money; they cost time, they can make you late to important events and they can compromise your safety. Our bikes are almost 10lbs less on average and come with a parts warranty and lifetime frame and fork warranty. Go ahead and reap the benefits of a bike assembled by knowledgeable mechanics and a store that has the tools and experience to help you maintain (cherish!) your investment. When a bike works and fits well, you enjoy riding it, you enjoy looking at it, and you want to ride it again and again!

Community vs Cheap.

This is all good, but the department store is still cheaper. It can be tempting to spend the least amount of money on a bike but consider that your budget for a bike is an investment in transportation, fitness/exercise, and community. Options for tight budgets include our layaway plan, making alterations to your current bicycle, or a used bike. Shop responsibly and find a bike that is a vehicle. The Lafayette area has many group rides bringing people in your community together. Our staff are riders and experts at a trade. Take advantage of the variety bikes at Virtuous Cycles and explore your options before committing to a bike. We encourage test rides to let our customers feel the freedom and joy of riding a bike before spending any money. Our bicycles are durable and dependable. Instead of tossing a child’s bike in a landfill year after year, choose a quality bike that many children can enjoy. If you no longer need a bike that your child outgrows, we’ll accept 2/3 trade in value. Bike shops are a beautiful thing!

Explore Historic Downtown Lafayette.

Enjoy locally grown food, quality coffee and handmade crafts, arts and entertainment. Here are some of our favorites while you’re waiting for a repair or needing a fun outing! Keep up your energy with Fuel and Star City Coffee and Ale HouseBistro 501, Kokoro and Restauration dining; and our local community grocer CityFoods Co-Op. Create pottery at Lala Gallery, catch a workout at Tenley Studio or Sunshine Yoga and Fitness, shop Artist’s OwnHalsema Custom Crafts and One Earth American Treasures. Wander and get inspired by the outdoor murals and art installations supported by the Lafayette Art Museum and Tippecanoe Arts Federation. Open mic and music venues include Carnahan Hall, Lafayette Theater and the Black Sparrow. Bike to fill a growler at one of our local breweries: Lafayette Brewing Company and People’s Brewing Company. And come and visit during some of downtown Lafayette’s street festivals, like Mosey Down Main Street, Taste of Tippecanoe, Beers Across the Wabash, Dancing in the Streets, Art Around the Fountain and more!